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Are you in a dilemma what all places to visit and what all to skip or are you on a tight schedule and just have a day or to, don’t miss the famous destinations of our city. We have made a comprehensive route map just for your convenience so that no attractions remains skipped. Plan your day according to the schedule and you are sure to visit all tourist attraction in lucknow. We have also covered great eating joints which have a world fame. The self guided tour would cost you mere Rs1200 on a indica cab. Just let us know the day you would like to visit and we will arrange all for you.

9:00 am. Have a filling breakfast at our garden cafe and start the day fresh with full of enthusiasm and energy.

La Martiniere

9:30 am. The taxi awaits you at the porch ready to take you to our first destinations La martiniere which is a catholic school built in 1854. Do visit the chapel, pipe organ and the 125 ft high guard tower known as the “Lat”. To know more in detail.  

la martiniere collage

 Dilkusha Kothi

10:30 am. Just neighbouring La martiniere stands Dilkusha House a ruin of the 18′ th century. It has beautiful gardens best for weekend picnics. To know more 

Dilkusha kothi

 Lucknow Zoo

11:00 am. Just a 5 mins drive takes you to the Prince of Wales Zoological Garden well know as the Zoo. Don’t forget to see the world famous Royal Bengal Tiger. You can see a wide array of birds and other animals. If you have kids along they would love to take a quick tour of the entire zoo in the toy train. A must visit is the Aquarium to see the beautiful fishes. The Museum preserves the ancient history of india along with archaeological artefacts. Please note the zoo is closed on mondays. To know more 

The Bengal Tiger at the Zoo


12:30 pm. Moving forward arrives the charming Hazratganj a shoppers paradise. A day is too short to visit this market. Still we try to cover it as quick as possible. For traditional chicken and hosiery work suits and other clothing material visit Janpath Market situated within Hazratganj. The most famous Cathedral Church is also located here. Buy traditional indian sweets from Chaudhery Restaurant close by. Veg diners may have their lunch at Aryans a family restaurant and non veg lovers may proceed further. To read more.

Hazratganj Market

Tundey Kebeb

2:00 pm. Lunch at Tundey Kababi aminabad. Relish the tender Galauti kababs accompanied with shirmals or parathas. The awadhi biryani is one of its kind and is distinctive of the hydrabadi counterpart.

Tundey Kababi

 British Residency

2:45 pm. We’re getting late. Its time we take a quick tour to the Residency. The Residency exists in ruins built way back in the 1780’s which was house to the British General. To read more.

The Residency

 Bara Imambara

3:30 pm. Are we missing some thing? No we are not. The Bhool Bhuleya popularly known as the “Bara Imambara”. Build by The Nawab Asaf Ud Daula in 1784 is amongst the most visited tourist destinations in the city. Adjacent to the Imambara is the 60 ft tall Rumi Darwaza. The local guides are advisable as you may get lost inside the monument. To read more .

Bara Imambara

 Chota Imambara

4:30 pm. The last of the monument is The Chota Imambara build by Nawab Mohd. Ali Shah in 1837. It has an arsenal of delicate chandeliers, decorative mirrors and stuccos wich are adorable. To know more.

Chota Imambara

 Ambetkar Memorial

5:30 pm. The weather turns pleasant by the evening and a perfect time to visit the magnificent Ambetkar Memorial build by Maya Wati the past chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. This memorial is build for the glory of Dr Bhim Rao Ambetkar. It is spred in a huge area with landscaped gardens, musical fountains and numerous idols of leaders of indian politicks. To read in details.

Ambetkar Memorial

Charans Club And Resort

7:00 pm. It was a busy day and we have covered nearly all major attractions in the city. Relax and have a cool dinner at the resort and remember your fabulous day in style.

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