New Year Party Hosted by Charans Club And Resort

20140108-133428.jpgnew year eve party

It was a day full of rain but we kept our preparations ready for the new years eve party which was supposed to start at 8 pm. Fortunately it stopped raining at around 7 pm so the show was on. The members and guest started to arrive at 8 pm , they were graciously welcomed by our staff at the entrance and then were escorted to their tables.

The event started with a boom of crackers followed by a western dance performed by troops from New Delhi. After a sequence of dance performance the anchor organised many family games for our guest which were enjoyed extremely. We had games planned for our guest children as well which kept them engaged till the end. Few guest preferred to be as spectators and enjoyed their bonfire next to their table. By the time the drinks were flowing in and our guest were becoming mellower. The aroma of the barbecue attracted all present in the party to taste the snacks wile they enjoyed their drink and performance.

Jatin the runners up of indian idol fame entertained all of us and spent some personal time with our guest . It was 10 already then came in our D.J to make the atmosphere electrifying. Avinash played music which kept every ones feet tapping the party already had rocked and every one was waiting for the new year 2014. Russian dancers sizzled the place with their performance .

When the clock struck 12 we all welcomed new year with joy and fun as we wished each other a happy and a prosperous new year. Sumptuous dinner was laid for our guest to end their memorable day.

We thank all our guest and members for their support and patronage and to make the new year party a memorable one.



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